Conference format and instructions for contributions

Please find directions and details for attending the conference at the dedicated page here.

CILC 2020 Format

This year's edition will be fully online; it will be hosted by University of Calabria via the Microsoft Teams platform.

  • All presentations, except for the invited talks and the tutorial, will be delivered as recorded presentations (i.e., video) lasting 7 minutes.

  • Each session in the technical program will feature a small set (3/4) of such videos, broadcasted consecutively;

    • afterwards, a LIVE discussion regarding all the contributions of the session will take place, where attendees can ask questions to the any of the speakers, but also open topics among all participants.

Invited talks and the tutorial will be broadcasted live, with the usual Q&A time at the end of each talk.

Instructions for Contributions

All authors of an accepted paper at CILC 2020 are expected to prepare a video recording of a proper presentation by 9th of October (2020) AoE. At least one author per each contribution must be registered to the Conference (please check details on the dedicated page) and actually live attending the session on MS Teams when scheduled (carefully check the program here for exact schedule) in order to participate in the live discussion.

Presentation details and video format

There is no specific style to comply to; however, the video presentation is reasonably expected to show some slides accompaning your talk (along with any software or additional content you might find useful for the audience), commented by at least one speaker. There is no need to explicitly show yourself in the video, even if you definitely can. In any case, all recorded videos must comply to what specified below.

  • Length of the video: 7 minutes

  • Format: mp4/mov

  • Min resolution: 720p

  • Max resolution: 1080p

  • Audio codec: AAC

  • Video codec: H.264

  • Max file size: 0.5 GB

Submitting presentations

Please upload your presentation via the dedicated form below (direct link here). Take into account that:

  • Recorded videos and live discussions will be broadcasted on the MS Teams platform according to the technical program of the Conference.

  • Once the Conference is over, we are planning to make videos (and possibly slides) of each contribution available on this official website.