Instructions for attendees and speakers

How to join the online platform and attend the conference

This page contains the instructions for entering the CILC 2020 online platform.

Microsoft Teams

Registered attendees must participate by using Microsoft Teams.

Even if the CILC 2020 program can be attended via web, we strongly recommend to make use of a native app. In any case, all speakers are requested to access via the native app (desktop -suggested- or mobile). Windows and Mac versions support all features, while the Linux version lacks some. If possible, we suggest using a Windows PC or a Mac to attend the conference.

Registering to CILC 2020

Accessing the "CILC 2020" team on Microsoft Teams


      • All registered users will be part of the "CILC 2020" team on Microsoft Teams as guests. This will allow them to participate to a full extent to the conference, by accessing all channels of the team, chatting, asking questions, and participating in the discussions.

      • An invitation link is sent prior the beginning of the conference. The invitation is sent to the email address specified in the registration form, with an email featuring a subject similar to "You have been added as a guest to UniversitĂ  della Calabria in Microsoft Teams". By following the reported link, if:

          • (a) the provided email address is NOT associated with a Microsoft Account: you'll be requested to create a Microsoft Account to be associated to your email address. This reduces to choose a password and play with a verification email. Then, things go exactly as described at point (b).

          • (b) the provided email address is already associated with a Microsoft Account: the Microsoft Teams app will be launched (recommended) or the web interface can be chosen (discouraged). The "CILC 2020" team will be listed along with all channels. From now on, whenever you launch the Microsoft Teams app you'll find the "CILC 2020" team listed.

              • In case you did not receive the invitation before October 12, please CONTACT US.


      • CILC 2020 chairs and the GULP directive board are considering the possibility to let anyone attend the conference. If this is confirmed, links to the meeting will be made public on this site in the program page.

      • Attending as unregistered users will not allow to actually participate, ask questions, etc.

We do strongly recommend to REGISTER.

Attending a session

Once you access the "CILC 2020" team on Microsoft Teams, you'll find a set of channels, one per each session, as reported in the official program of the conference.

  • Meetings for each session will be arranged within the corresponding channel.

      • In the "files" section of each channel we will upload the pre-recorded video presentations of the papers featured in the session, as soon as we will receive them from the authors.

  • Someone will start the meeting in the channel when needed, according to the time schedule: then, you will see a box letting you join.

  • First, the pre-recorded video presentations will be broadcasted, or, in case of a Keynote/Tutorial, the speaker will present live. Afterwards, a LIVE Q&A session will be opened by the session chair.

  • SPEAKERS OF PAPERS in the sessions ARE EXPECTED TO BE PRESENT when the chair opens the LIVE Q&A session, and be ready to answer any questions from the audience.

  • To ask questions, you can either "rise your hand" with the dedicated tool, or write in the chat of the channel. The chair will either read your comments from the chat or give you the chance to talk live.

  • Please:

    • test your device for proper mic/speaker functioning before participating;

    • try to attend the conference from a quiet environment;

    • do not misuse your chance of intervention: we will try to make the live Q&A sessions as much as collaborative as possible, but this can only be achieved with the gentle help of all attendees.

  • Enjoy! ;)